Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Breaking My Blog Silence

I have been dreadfully blog-quiet during the last, what two weeks I guess, because I’ve been busy. I’m gonna be filling you in now.

1. I went on a 10-day vacation leave. Initially I was thinking of going off somewhere where I could get a nice tan. Having my left eyebrow pierced was also in my plans. Unfortunately, a more pressing concern hit me so I never went outside Metro Manila. I never had the time as well to have my virgin brow pricked.

2. The more pressing concern was regarding the 20 gb iPod photo which I put out for bidding in several Websites almost a month and a half ago. I was starting to get frustrated by how slow the process was and I really wanted to sell the gadget as soon as possible so I thought of using most of my time to hawk it online. One funny and annoying thing I discovered during the course of doing my online transaction was what I call the Divisoria Syndrome. Normally, bidding starts at the price which the seller dictates. For example, I put up my iPod for sale at 13000 Php. I then expect that the price the bidders will offer will be higher than my sale price. The logic there is that the bidders are competing for the product that you are selling. Naturally, you’d sell to the highest bidder. That’s how the whole idea of bidding. But I was shocked when 90 percent of the bids that I got are way below my asking price. I was thinking, are these people crazy? I thought about it and realized that most of us are afflicted with the Divisoria Sydrome or the tawad-lugi mentality. I’d like to think it is not a reflection of plain ignorance of bidding procedures but of how dire the financial situation in our country is. I say it’s funny because it is so Filipino to haggle almost everything to death. Tatawaran lahat ng pwedeng tawaran. But it could get really annoying if you’re doing legit business and dealing with serious sellers. It’s a good thing I waited. I got the bid that I wanted so I sold my iPod immediately.

3. I bought myself a 5 Gen 30 gb black iPod video. Now it’s keeping me more busy figuring out how to convert my VCDs and DVDs to iPod viewable files. The task is pounding my brain to pieces but I’m loving every minute of it. I didn’t know I could reach this level of geekiness with gadgets but here I am, a certified iPod geek.

4. I haven’t had my head shaved for almost a month now. And that means a considerable amount of hair on my head which freaks out most of my friends. It’s been years since I had a full head of hair. And though for genetic reasons that would be a miraculous feat to accomplish again now, I am determined to let my hair grow until I can’t bear looking at myself in the mirror anymore.

There. I hope to do this more often from here on. That is if I get my hands off my new iPod.


Chasing_Time said...

Why does Apple have to release the 5G just a couple of months after I purchased my iPod? I really hate it because I bought one a month before Apple announced the video iPod. I am really tempted to sell my 30 GB Photo. Were you able to sell you iPod (20 GB) Color?

juOn said...

@ chaisng_time. Yeah my sentiments exactly. Yup i was able to sell my 20 gb ipod photo.

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edjohn5556 said...

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juOn said...

hey edjohn5556. I visited your blog as well. you're a park ranger. very interesting. :-)