Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Welcome back to me!!!

My last blog was dated 17/07/04. I feel ashamed of myself not having the time to update my blog in the last two months. I've been busy with my life. I forgot all about my cyberlife. But now that I do have the time, my big problem now is where to start writing. I'm thinking of filling you in with the things that happened to me in the last two months. Yeah I'd probably start with that.

What kept me busy really was work. The last two months had been really toxic. I had to take over four projects that were left behind by two of my editors. One got booted out because of poor performance. (Good riddance. Hehehehe) The other one resigned. (I assume his guts couldn't take the heat in my kitchen. hahahahaha) Thankfully, I was able to pull in one of the copy editors to help me manage the projects. Those projects more or less took most of my time the last two months.

And I also got myself a new baby. No not you Al. hehehehe. Well aside from you of course. I've been thinking really of getting myself and iPod for months and finally i did around two or three weeks ago. I'm lovin it.

I look forward to updating my blogs and being more visible in the cyber community more regularly now. And I promise to write better entries than this one. This is crap. Sorry. hahahahahaha. This is the best I can do on borrowed time in the office. hehehehehehehe

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