Monday, August 27, 2007

Diwa Idol First Elimination Round

The night before the elimination round, I was working my ass off to finish a deadline with my great team from Harrison Communications. We went home 8 am. I took a quick breakfast and shower and headed off to Araneta Coliseum for, nope not the elimination rounds yet, but a meeting with the Leasing Departmen for my September 01 event. Pota. When I got to the office at around 12, the eliminations will be starting in 30 and I haven't got no decent practice. I was supposed to be number 7 but because I had to finish some work, the rganizer volunteered to move me to the last. It bought me 20 minutes of time alone to practice. I got frustrated during practice coz for some reason I keep on forgetting the damn lyrics. Sabi ko bahala na. When it was my turn, I felt confident because I felt the excitement of the crowd seeing me there. It got me going. Akalain mo, I sang the whole song with the correct lyrics. And I even topped the eliminations. Pota. Isang libo rin yun. Hahahahaha. I'll be better prepared next time. Mapagkakakitaan pala ang pagkanta. hahahahahaha


I sang Peabo Bryson's If Ever You're in My Arms Again. Akalain mong a few hours after some guy from the past would actually want to sing that song to me. Hala.


It all came so easy, all the loving you gave me
The feelings we shared, and I still can remember
How your touch was so tender, it told me you cared
We had a once in a lifetime
But I just couldn't see, until it was gone
A second once in a lifetime, may be too much to ask
But I swear from now on

If ever you're in my arms again
This time I'll love you much better
If ever you're in my arms again
This time I'll hold you forever
This time will never end

Now I'm seeing clearly
How I still need you near me
I still love you so
There's something between us
That won't ever leave us
There's no letting go
We had a once in a lifetime
But I just didn't know it
Till my life fell apart
A second once in a lifetime
Isn't too much to ask
'Cause I swear from the heart


The best of romances,
deserve second chances
I'll get to you somehow
'Cause I promise now


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