Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hello and Good-bye

That is, to my phones. I lost my Nokia N80 Wednesday last week. It's my fault. I was on my way to work hat morning. I put my phone in the pocket of my backpack. I knew I had it with me that morning because I checked it several times in the jeep. When I got off at Ayala, I took the underpass to cross to the other side. My bag was on my back. When got to the other side and my sense got back to me, I clutched my bag to the front and realized that the pocket was open and my phone wasn't there anymore. Waaah! It's one of em days when I let loose a little bit on security and then I was hit.

So I got myself a new phone days ater that. I bought a Motorola V3X. I got the pink one. :-)

I'm loving the phone so far. However, I felt like I bought it in impulse because now i want the Motorola V3XX also. I'm looking for a pink one but I can't find any. I'm really bent on selling my V3X and getting a V3XX. Anyone interested? I just put it up in ebay Philippines a few minutes ago. Let me know.

1 comment:

MrDJ said...

gaya gaya ka... LOL...

V3xx only in Black or Orange. The very stylish and sleek design... ganda!

Downside - 1.3 MP only, no flash light.